League of Legends - Wicked Lulu’s Theme 

World Music - The Secrets of Rub’ al-Khali

Celtic Music - Ancient Tower

Warm Bodies was like Twilight but with cool zombies. Not cool in a “zombieish” way though…

Why did it seem so easy in the game? Path of Exile is ruining my life…




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It means loving HOT DOGS! Nah, I’m joking. LGBTs are cool.

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Luna is by far the best character of My Little Pony. Yeah I know, I’m creepy coz I watch MLP, get over it. I was already creepy when I started.

Why do you remind me of these awful things in my life..

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Stoner Princess is best Princess

the expressions are golden

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Those pee moments.

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North Korea attacks USA!

Kim is such an hilarious little guy. You just want to buy him candies.

p.s. Oh my…I missed an “h” in “threats. Well it still makes sense, Kim Jong-Un is a little puffy candy eater.



THAT face.

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This is not what I ordered…

She’s on her period.

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